G&V Truck network

G&V Energy Group runs over 30 filling stations specifically designed for trucks. They are located along the most important arterial roads and 

are equipped with fast flow pumps, Gasoil Extra & AdBlue. 


In addition to CAPS fuel cards, these stations also accept all major European fuel cards, such as DKV, UTA, BP-Routex, Euroshell, Esso Card and more.  



G&V Train

G&V operates four filling stations for the refuelling of locomotives with diesel.  These are located in Zeebrugge (Ramskapelle Hub) – Ghent Dampoort - Antwerp right bank (South Hub) – Antwerp right bank (Beveren/Kallo)

The stations are available on a 24/7 basis for locomotives. 

  • Over 30 filling stations 
  • Specifically designed for trucks
  • Acceptance of all major European fuel cards

Locations of stations

Find a gas station in the neighbourhood

G&V Truck Habay-La-Vieille

ZI Des Coeuvins Z/n
6720 Habay-La-Vieille

G&V Truck Zeebrugge

Aziëstraat, kaai 524
8380 Zeebrugge

G&V Truck Meer

Londenstraat 3
2321 Meer

G&V Truck Izegem

Noordkaai 26
8870 Izegem

G&V Truck Turnhout

Bleukenlaan 2
2300 Turnhout

G&V Truck Herentals

Atealaan 6
2200 Herentals

G&V Truck Veurne

Vooruitgangstraat 1
8630 Veurne

G&V Truck Wevelgem

Kortrijkstraat 376
8560 Wevelgem

G&V Truck Courcelles

Rue du Hainaut
6180 Courcelles

Accepted cards