In order to meet the growing global demand for energy in the next decades to come, the world will need to make use of all the energy sources that are currently available. At the same time, transport has become indispensable in our modern society.


G&V Energy Group has been preparing for these challenges for some time now and is investing in the development of this cleanest fossil fuel.



Together with Rolande, the market leader in the field of LNG in the Netherlands, we operate 2 LNG stations at strategic locations.

“LNG makes transport more sustainable and more profitable.”

Jolon van der Schuit,
CEO of Rolande

LNG right bank Port of Antwerp

Kaai 528

LNG Habay in de provincie Luxemburg

ZI Des Coeuvins
On the axis connecting Germany and France

LNG Meer/Hoogstraten

Londenstraat 3
in the province of Antwerp on the border with the Netherlands

LNG Habay in the province of west flanders

Anzegemseweg 14
On the main North-South traffic axis for transit through Belgium

What is LNG?

Liquefied Natural Gas is the preferred energy-efficient fuel for trucks and heavy transport. It is a liquid high-caloric natural gas that can be obtained by cooling the gas to -160°. As a result, this gas also has an extremely high energy density.
A tank of CNG will let you travel 3.5 times further than traditional fossil fuels.


LNG has a high energy content

Contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gases and reduce noise pollution at the same time. Sustainable transport is becoming increasingly popular and the vehicle fleets of leading truck manufacturers now include a wide range of high-quality LNG trucks. In terms of power, torque, payload and range, these trucks are completely on a par with modern diesel trucks and this development is still continuing.


LNG is much cleaner than diesel

LNG results in a 10-15% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 30% reduction in damage to our health on account of particulate matter and NOx emissions. An LNG engine also produces less noise than one that runs on diesel. As a result, you will be eligible for PIEK certification in some countries and distribution within the city limits will not be a problem.


Refuelling LNG safely

Fuel station Waregem